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Corporate Portrait
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Hello, I am Samuel

My mum gave me my first camera when I was 10. Since that moment, I knew that one day, I will have to be serious about creating some art.
For the past 20 years, my creativity was all about my day job: invent some complex mathematical algorythm to trade on the stock market. But one morning, I could not reinvent myself anymore. I did it too many times.

At the back of my mind, I had this insatiable drive for photography. Not any photography. I wanted to start from a blank page and create, create art, scenarize beauty and embelish.
I travel the world to meet famous photographer, ask them to assist for a while and learn from them, directly from the best. It did not make me a great photographer but it showed me that you have to go beyond technics and this is when the art really start.
From then, slowly but surely I started to find my style. And after 20 years of intense discipline on the world of math, I could forget all about rules, let them become part of the art, and start creating beauty for the eye.

If I had to describe my world of photography, is everyday situation that could be shown more beautifull working on the light. Every photographer tells you about the light. For a good reason, light is everything.
I am obsess by the control of light. I use light to paint my subjects.

If you want top of the art work for your company, look no further. My years of experience as a CEO has taught me to be the best project manager. My drive for beautiful image has done the rest.

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